Common Breakpoints of Biomass Pellet Machines

Common Breakpoints of Biomass Pellet Machines

Biomass pellet machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the biomass industry. The quality of this machine directly affects the market value of biomass pellets.

Here are some common breakpoints of a pellet press machine:

Air filter

The air filter is one of the most important parts of any machine as it controls the quality of air inside the machine. If you have the wrong type of air filter installed on your machine then you can face serious problems such as overheating and burning out your motor prematurely.

Shaft bearings

The shaft bearings are another critical part of any machine as they allow the gears to rotate smoothly without friction. If there is too much friction between these two parts then it can cause damage to both parts causing them to wear out quickly or even break down completely leading to costly repairs or even replacement which can be very expensive for small business owners especially if you don’t have insurance cover for such events!

Roller rotation motor (drive)

Roller rotation motor drives rollers to rotate and make pellets. When there is a problem with this part, it will affect production greatly, leading to low output and poor quality of pellets;

The gearbox

The gearbox is responsible for transferring energy from the motor to the auger. It has three main parts: a motor, a reducer, and an output shaft. The motor supplies power and rotates at high speeds due to which it generates heat which may cause friction between moving parts and increase wear and tear on the gearbox.

The auger

The auger takes the raw material from its storage area, feeds it into the hopper and keeps it moving through the machine until it reaches its final destination – the pellet press section where it is compressed into pellets before being discharged from the machine through an outlet chute at the end of each cycle. As with other components of this machine, heat generated by friction between moving parts also increases wear and tear on this part which may lead to breakage if not handled in advance.

Stirrer Bushing

The stirrer bushing is the most common failure point for biomass pellet machines. It is responsible for moving the auger and rotating it at high speeds. The stirrer bushing can be made from plastic, wood or metal. If the material used is not strong enough, it will wear out very quickly. The bushing also needs to be lubricated in order for it to rotate smoothly and run for a long time.

Control panel

This is another important component of the biomass pellet machine that helps in controlling all operations related to the processing and production of pellets. The control panel consists of various buttons, switches, and dials that are used to set different parameters like speed, temperature, etc., according to requirements during operation.


Pelletizing is a process that involves converting a mix of biomass materials like chips, sawdust or stumps into soft uniform granulated fuel that has good firing characteristics and outstanding pelletizing properties. It is important to know the way to maintain your pellet machine well in order to ensure the proper performance of your biomass pellet machine and avoid malfunctioning.

Besides the biomass pellet machine’s mechanical parts aging, the overall moving systems should be timely lubricated. If the lubrication of the biomass pellet machine is not done well, it will weaken the common breakpoints.

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