A Complete Guide to Enhancing Short Hair with Extensions

A Complete Guide to Enhancing Short Hair with Extensions

Short hair is good and stylish, but there are moments when you might need to add something different, for instance, length or volume. Hair extension is a wonderful addition to short hair since it opens up numerous opportunities to have new hairstyles. Here are the complete steps that will assist you in changing your short hair with the extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Clip-In Extensions: Temporary extensions are perfect for those situations when you need a change, but do not want it to be permanent; clip-in extensions can be installed and removed.

Tape-In Extensions: These are slightly longer than micro rings and are placed on the scalp in such a way that they are almost flush with the scalp hence are less detectable. These take about 6-8 weeks and are good for thin to medium hair.

Sew-In (Weave) Extensions: Sew-in extensions are good for thick hair types and they also last longer than any other types of hair extensions. They involve weaving the human hair and also sewing those hair extensions right onto the hair braids.

Deciding on the Length and Color

Selecting the appropriate length and color for short hair that complements natural hair is important. Because they will blend in more naturally, it is best to choose extensions that are not too lengthy in comparison to natural hair. To obtain a natural blend between the two portions of hair, you can either match the color of the hair to be grown or choose a lighter color. For more details, click here for Intacte Hair on Tiktok.

Getting Ready for Hair Extension

Before adding the extensions, it is also essential to wash your hair and make sure that no hair products are left in it. You can strengthen your hair and prepare it for the application of the extensions by getting a thorough conditioning treatment. This is a good time to trim the split ends to ensure that the hair grows healthy and blends with the extensions.

Applying for Extensions

Clip-In Extensions

Section off your hair from the bottom up, ensuring that the section you are working on is always above the one you just completed. To ensure a secure attachment, it is advisable to open the clips and fasten them near the roots of the hair. Check that they are well-anchored and properly distributed. After the clips are inserted, mix your natural hair with the extensions using a comb or brush, and style as desired.

Tape-In Extensions

Section your hair and make sure it is clean and dry before applying the following steps. Remove the tape from its backing and secure the extensions just near the roots putting in between two strips of the tape wefts. Make sure that you press it down and keep it that way for a couple of seconds to make the tape stick properly.


The addition of hair extensions to short hair is a total game-changer as it adds length, volume, and flexibility. As this article shows, it is possible to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking hair extensions if the correct type of extensions is selected, your hair is properly prepped and the extensions are cared for correctly. If you plan to have short hair for a short period or choose to have it for a long time, there is no limit to the options that hair extensions offer.

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